Montreal has no reason to envy Silicon Valley or Los Angeles. Montreal Entrepreneurs are full of ideas for new Startups, and their execution is often amazing! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite apps, all “Made in Montreal”.


Yumee, Snack Paradise

Cravings always happen at the same time, in the evening. When you’re comfortably at home watching Netflix in your PJ’s, or after having one too many glasses of wine, leaving the house for food doesn’t seem like such a great idea. No need to worry about checking business hours, because Yumee is available until 3am, and delivers a wide variety of snacks right to your door: Chips, drinks, and even pizza & wings.


Yuma, Chef prepared meals to your door.

Yuma is the personal catering marketplace, where you can browse menus by different chefs and preorder your homestyle weekly meals. Simply store and eat when you like.



Doctr, find the least busy emergency room

The nightmare of Quebec emergency rooms is well known. With the Doctr app, you can find the least busy emergency room close by. The app also allows you to find the best locations for dental emergencies, clinical appointments, or the nearest place to get blood tests or x-rays done.


Sporteo, manage your sports teams

If you’re part of a garage league, you’re certainly familiar with last minute absences and cancellations. With Sporteo, done are the days where you spend hours trying to find a replacement. The free application allows you to create and manage your regular team, and also find replacements based on their position and skill level, so you can stay on top of the leaderboard!



Transit, the best way to travel in Montreal!

With Transit, you will be notified in real time if your bus is running late, or the Metro is down. Comparing the different means of transport available, you will be able to choose the method that suits you best, and reach your destination as efficiently as possible!


Netlift, the best carpooling experience

The Netlift concept is simple and ingenious. Thousands of people travel every day between home and work. How can you save time, money, and help the environment? With carpooling! Use the Netlift app to be paired with certified drivers, and other users like you.


Prkng, Say goodbye to tickets!

Ah, parking in Montreal! When you get to your destination and circle the block several times, trying to read the signs and find a place that you can park. Sometimes you still return expecting to find a ticket. With the Prking app, it’s easy to find a parking spot, and you’ll get warned before ever receiving a ticket. Don’t let parking in Montreal stress you out any longer!



Hidden place, Discover the most beautiful places around the world!

Hidden Place is every backpacker’s dream. In just a few clicks, discover the best-kept secrets of the most beautiful places around the world. For example, find an unknown beach in Australia, or the best street food in Thailand, without ever falling into a tourist trap.


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Flytrippers, travel at extremely discounted prices!

A round trip to Europe for less than $500, really! On the Flytrippers website, you can find flights at very low prices. It should be noted that offers are limited and change every day. Take a glance at their site, and you will be surprised how accessible flying can be with Flytrippers. Visit their blog for great travel tips and advice.